Sunday, January 26, 2014

"A VICTORY for All Independent Bloggers, God Bless You Crystal – Word of God . . . Speak. Amen!!"

And God Bless You Diana, you are a HERO of the People, thank you so much for your work fighting corruption and giving voice to victims of corruption. 

"EDITORIAL: I became acquainted with Crystal Cox  (Twitter @CrystalLCox1) through our mutual stalking experiences related to Marc Randazza and his connection with the Los Angeles porn industry and hired stalkers who harass and bully anyone who dares to speak out against their abuse and corruption against all of humanity.

Crystal has done some amazing work exposing the Truth about these criminals and their far reaching agendas being played out throughout our judicial system today!

The events that began this journey for Crystal was her attempt to expose corruption in the federal bankruptcy court.

Little did we know when we began to talk that our lives had both been touched by the same type of corruption and then threatened when we worked to expose our stories to the public. 

Monica Foster’s story is another who has been through the same type of harassment and abuse because she sacrifices to expose these criminal organizations. And, we are not alone. There are many more . . .
This is truly a judicial victory for The People and a slap in the face of those who call themselves professional journalists and think they have rights to special privilege. The Free Press is about reporting to The People the facts and the truths that others attempt to hide, exploit and manipulate. This ruling says you haven’t been doing your job for some time now so it’s time for The People to take over.
Thank you, Dear Lord, for giving us this victory which brings The People closer to the Truth and Justice You promised us all. May You have mercy on their souls as Your Justice Reigns over all. Amen!, Source of Crystal Cox Statement.

Independent Investigative Blogger & Journalist Crystal L. Cox
Independent Investigative Blogger & Journalist Crystal L. Cox

Monica Foster commentary: As of January 17, reported that a Federal Appeals court ruled Investigative Blogger and Journalist Crystal Cox and the multitude of other bloggers throughout the United States are entitled to the same free speech protections as a traditional journalist and cannot be liable for defamation (unless found to have acted negligently).

This court ruling is particularly important due to us living in an era of of which independent bloggers are responsible for a vast amount of the online news and information produced.
Crystal Cox has chosen to grant an exclusive interview in regards to her Ninth Circuit court victory:
What Does this Ninth Circuit VICTORY Mean to You?
First of all I want to say congratulations to ALL those out there using the internet to expose corruption, give voice to victims, report the “real news” By the People for the People, and using the internet to heal others and share information on natural cures. Now you have Equal Rights in a Court of Law for what you do. KEEP on Doing It. The power of New Media is our Divine Gift, our Constitutional Right, and our Savior as a Society.
This Ninth Circuit WIN is for ALL Citizen Journalists, Investigative Bloggers, AntiCorruption Bloggers and Whistleblowers.
Those reporting on corruption in our courts do not have a voice other than blogs. It is imperative in our times that Citizen Journalists, Investigative Bloggers, AntiCorruption Bloggers and Whistleblowers have equal rights to those in traditional media. Otherwise corruption and greed that violates human rights, will continue to be rampant, and the lives of the victims of corruption will continue to suffer in every way.
This WIN levels the playing field and those reporting on corruption in their town, their expertise, their personal research now have equal rights to protection under the law. This means that Traditional Journalists and Big Media can no longer have a Super Power to distort the news, post fake facts simply to support ad dollars, politicians and corporations, as a matter of law.
Oftentimes when bloggers expose corruption, those bloggers are stripped of their rights within the very judicial system they are reporting corruption on. This WIN ends this, at least, in theory, and in a higher court judicial ruling. The public at large will decide what they want to believe and from whom. However, now bloggers reporting on the story ALL have an equal say, as a matter of LAW and Constitutional Rights.
I am elated at the breathing room this gives ALL those out there Exposing Corruption in our Judicial System who are being silenced daily by corrupt judges, lawyers and the judicial process as a whole. This WIN gives them a Voice, gives them POWER. And for me personally, that is the true WIN, that is the Victory, that I dedicated so much of my life for.
That “one” small voice not being heard, exposing documents and proof of corruption, now, has equal rights to the biggest institutional media out there, and this is a HUGE human rights and civil rights victory, in my opinion. This Win ENDS the Monopoly of Free Speech Big Media has unconstitutionally held for so long, as a matter of LAW.
This WIN is very exciting and relieving to me, personally, as I have held onto to this appeal in the face of extreme adversary. I have been threatened to stop the appeal. I have been harassed, gang stalked, stripped of all money and business opportunity I have had my appeal rights attempted to be auctioned off by a Portland Oregon Sheriff via the shenanigans of my former attorney Marc Randazza and the Plaintiff’s Attorneys David Aman and Steven Wilker. I have lost everything I knew to be my life before all of this in every way, and have been put under constant attack and duress for several years. I may not have survived, had it not been for the constant friendship, support and hope of Pastor John Collins of the Bringing Back God Church in Bristol TN.
As my attorney Eugene Volokh said, cases like this “usually end up settled without trial, and it was rare for one to reach the federal appeals court level.” I was offered 15 settlements and I held on to this precedent for the highest and best of ALL. And now I have given all I have known to be my life to do it, which I am proud of.
Having this Ninth Circuit Appeal WIN for all Citizen Journalists, Whistleblowers and AntiCorruption
bloggers, for me, makes it all worth it. Having this legal precedent for all those out there trying to have a voice and expose corruption, is a huge relief for me.

I am Grateful. Now Bloggers, Citizen Journalists, and Whistleblowers have the same Speech Protections As Traditional Press, Traditional Journalists, as a matter of LAW.
This court ruling is the first of it’s kind. It is the first federal appeals court level ruling that applies
specifically to bloggers and it is a VICTORY for ALL online speakers. This WIN finally makes it legally clear that bloggers have the same First Amendment rights as professional journalists.This is powerfully important and long overdue. Now news, as we knew it, traditional mainstream news, no longer has any special privilege, as it should be.
Many bloggers reporting on corruption and on issues of natural health cures, AntiCorruption Bloggers, Citizen Journalists and Whistleblowers, are in fear of their life, or being sued and having no way to survive and take care of their family, being jailed or even killed. This is very real, and this WIN will empower them to step out into the light and to keep exposing corruption and talking about known cures. This WIN is a Landslide Victory for Human Rights, for Civil Rights. So Speak Up Folks, Tell your Story, Tell the TRUTH and keep on fighting corruption judges, attorneys, county commissioners, senators and more.
This WIN is POWERFUL for all those out there reporting on the real news, as its happening on the ground, in real life and not “news entertainment” we are fed by the corporate machine.
Now those reporting what is really happening, bloggers, have equal rights as traditional journalists and long established “institutional media”, in a court of law and this LEVELS the playing field of the TRUTH.

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