Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"US court: Bloggers protected as print and broadcast journalists"

"UNDER the first amendment of the US Constitution, bloggers enjoy protection from libel suits in the exercise of journalism that serve the public interest.

This is the gist of an o a landmark decision that says blogs enjoy the same First Amendment (free speech and freedom of the press) protection from libel suits as traditional news media.
p-ed article published in USA Today on January 24. It reports that a federal appellate court has handed down

The decision is certain to impact the draconian online libel provisions of the Cybercrime Prevention Act and the Supreme Court’s ruling that the provisions are constitutional."

"The US first amendment and our 1987 Constitution affirm freedom of the press in remarkably similar language that Congress may not pass a law abridging this freedom. US and Philippine jurisprudence march to the same drummer."

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