Friday, March 7, 2014

"A VICTORY for All Independent Bloggers, God Bless You Crystal – Word of God . . . Speak. Amen!!". Crystal Cox Ninth Circuit.

"EDITORIAL: I became acquainted with Crystal Cox (Twitter @CrystalLCox1) through our mutual stalking experiences related to Marc Randazza and his connection with the Los Angeles porn industry and hired stalkers who harass and bully anyone who dares to speak out against their abuse and corruption against all of humanity. Crystal has done some amazing work exposing the Truth about these criminals and their far reaching agendas being played out throughout our judicial system today!
The events that began this journey for Crystal was her attempt to expose corruption in the federal bankruptcy court. Little did we know when we began to talk that our lives had both been touched by the same type of corruption and then threatened when we worked to expose our stories to the public. Monica Foster’s story is another who has been through the same type of harassment and abuse because she sacrifices to expose these criminal organizations. And, we are not alone. There are many more . . .
This is truly a judicial victory for The People and a slap in the face of those who call themselves professional journalists and think they have rights to special privilege. The Free Press is about reporting to The People the facts and the truths that others attempt to hide, exploit and manipulate. This ruling says you haven’t been doing your job for some time now so it’s time for The People to take over.
Thank you, Dear Lord, for giving us this victory which brings The People closer to the Truth and Justice You promised us all. May You have mercy on their souls as Your Justice Reigns over all. Amen!"
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