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Bob Garfield is Flat Out Lying About Crystal Cox and Defaming, Slandering, and Retaliating Against Crystal Cox. Why Does Marc Randazza wait two years and Counting to file Criminal Charges against Crystal Cox for EXTORTION if he is so accurate, factual and PROUD?

NPR, on the Media Bob Garfield Continues to Flat OUT Lie about Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, based on NO Factual Evidence whatsoever and only the word of Hypocritical, Lying, Defaming, Retaliating, Asshole Porn Attorney Marc Randazza.

The Latest from Blathering, Lying, Slandering Bob Garfield of NPR's On the Media.

So Bullshit Bob of NPR Says; " Crystal Cox is out to tarnish her "Targets' "

Wow, scary, Crystal Cox is out to tarnish her "Targets", so NPR, Forbes, New York Times.. when they report the "news" it is reports, facts, and when Crystal Cox reports Corruption, rants, raves and reviews that is "Tarnishing her Targets" ? Seems a bit hard to believe to me, but the
n again I am Crystal Cox and so I am a bit prejudice.

David Carr and Marc Randazza, among other controlled media, Judges, and Attorneys TARGETED Crystal Cox, and Cox fought Back as hard as she could, and is still fighting. Bob Garfield of NPR is a LIAR Liar, non-factual, kiss ass, pants on fire.

Bob Garfield Flat OUT Lies, with no accountability whatsoever. Crystal Cox has no online reputation "Racket" Marc Randazza is a Flat Out Liar, and NPR's Bob Garfield eats up every bit of bullshit Randazzle is shoveling out.

 Bullshit Bob of NPR Says; "Cox had asked Randazza to Represent her in Court Pro BONO". Ummm Really, sure that is the right story their Bob? That is NOT True, Check your Facts. I agreed to a conference call to discuss it and Marc Randazza told me not to appeal, took my inside information and files and then went to the opposition to make a deal that I knew nothing about the details, told all at the first amendment bar he represented me and was letting my deadline to appeal expire. Want some Facts BOBBY, you may have to actual read, study and do some real investigative reporting, I am just not sure you are up for it.

Look Deeper Bullshit BOB

I did not register domain names to "retaliate" against Marc Randazza not representing me. I FIRED the lying, bullying, gang stalking, perjuring, male chauvinist asshole Marc Randazza. I started blogs to expose his bullying, his connections to organized crime in the porn industry, to expose his support of pedophiles, to expose his bullying and threatening whistleblowers, to report on tips I received about Marc Randazza and to review him as a lawyer and his law firm, in hopes to save his future victims, the real "TARGETS" of the Saga.

Bob Garfield FLAT OUT LIES Over and OVER. I did not own those domain names before I asked if he knew anyone that would hire me, that is absurd, this was after my judgement and after the New York Times, David Carr already accused me of Extortion. Plus the email Marc Randazza claims is extortion was sent before those names were bought expect which was bought to do PR on my case if he were to represent me.  And later given to Porn Industry insiders to used in their investigative blogs exposing Marc Randazza and his organized crime clients in the Porn Industry. Marc Randazza threatened them, and post insuations of death and the make and model of their car, so out of fear they gave the naem back to me, Marc Randazza sued me, threatened me, bullied me and I STOOD UP TO MARC RANDAZZA.

Bob Garfield has the word of Marc Randazza and so he is clearly and obviously, with actual malice harassing Crystal Cox and painted, her, me out to be a Criminal.

Hey Bob, ask Randazza to GROW A SET and file a Criminal Complaint, oh unless he is the real criminal and has NO EVIDENCE to back up his slanderous, defamatory, hate crime, bullying bullshit blather.

Crystal Cox NEVER EVER offered to Drop a blog post for a price to Marc Randazza, there is NO Fact in that statement what so ever. NPR, Bob Garfield is above the law and can terrorize and lie about whomever he wants to, with no accountability what so ever.

Attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group flat out LIES to NPR and it is taken as Fact and Spouted on NPR. And this is "protected speech"? WOW !!!

And Wa Wa, this blogger attacked my toddler and I am so spineless, I sue her though she has no money and oops forget to call the cops or FBI over her "ALLEGED" attack, of which I have no proof of. That's more like it Riddler Randazzle. LIAR LIAR Pants on FIRE.

Ya, I offered to do PR, asked if he knew anyone, so what. He had been my attorney, I fired him, he acted fine about it. He told me good things about me and what I do. He acted as if he did not believe I was an extortionist and even complimented me on my skills so ya after I chose another attorney, I asked if he needed marketing. He then retaliated and attacked me because I would not do what he demanded. I stood up to him. After this I got tips over and over and decided to buy more names and expose Marc Randazza for  what he does to his "TARGETS".

"Cox" NEVER offered to Clean Up a Mess I Made. That is Bull, and has NO bearing of TRUTH or Fact what so Ever. I Expose Corruption and I DO NOT remove my stand against corruption. I give victims of corruption a VOICE. I WILL expose Corruption, and I will NOT buckle at retaliation, nor will I remove my "allegations" for a "tasty fee" or any other kind of FEE.  I have been at it for nearly a decade on thousands of "people" and "companies" not victims and I have never EVER took money to take a blog post down, PERIOD.

Source of NPR Blathering, Defaming, Slandering, Flat OUT Lies.

Crystal Cox Fights Back Against Extortion Allegations in Ninth Circuit Ruling via Attorney Eugene Volokh and a Motion to Rehear, Redact Allegations.

Crystal Cox names Bob Garfield and NPR in Lawsuit

Nevada RICO naming Bob Garfield NPR

NOTE; Crystal Cox wants authorities to Investigate. 
Marc Randazza and his Judge Buddies Do NOT

So who is it that Does not want the Attorney General involved and an Investigation by Authorities?? Well Crystal Cox wants an investigation, Marc Randazza does NOT.

Crystal Cox wanted a Criminal Investigation and asked the Court to Investigate Marc Randazza and his abuse of Crystal Cox and her informants. 

Crystal Cox also asked to enjoin the attorney general. Crystal Cox wanted due process of law for the extortion allegations, what she got was judges and attorneys ganging up on her and flat out stating Crystal Cox’s guilt without Cox being on trial for or under investigation for Extortion and thereby given due process in the criminal justice system.

Motion Requesting to Investigate Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza is afraid of an investigation and “protests”, all the while accusing Cox of extorting him, which is a crime, so why object to enjoining the attorney general and an investigation?

Investigation DENIED by Judge Gloria Navarro

Motion to Enjoin Attorney General

Order Denying to bring in the Attorney General, gee and isn’t Cox involved in Felony Extortion and yet Marc Randazza and Judge Gloria Navarro, though their ethical duty, don’t want authorities or criminal investigations?? Hmmmm

Take a Look at this information. Marc Wants an unconstitutional preliminary injunction he got, to serve as criminal evidence against his target, victim, Crystal Cox, in a Ninth Circuit Civil ruling NOT about extortin.

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