Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Voice for Voiceless Victims, Corrupt Blogger, or SEO Wizard? What about Sleazy Blogger, Extortionist, Racketeer, Bat Shit Crazy, and the other Gems that attorney, William Peacock Forgot?

WOW and this from the "Legal Professionals" ? Wonder if they "investigated" the ALLEGED Corrupt Blogger Batshit Crazy Crystal Cox ? Or just jumped on the defamatory bandwagon?

William Peacock thinks Crystal Cox is CORRUPT, or is he simply pointing out the injustices done to Crystal Cox who he says KNOWS the Law better then the Judge?  Well either way, it is NOW his First Amendment Right to publish this false statement should they be false, courtesy of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox's Landmark Ruling for ALL bloggers, citizen journalists and whistle blowers to EXPOSE jackasses such as William Peacock.

Is William Peacock to lazy to study the true case and simply standing up for the unethical, corrupt, unconstitutional attorneys that Crystal Cox, SEO Wizard is Exposing? Is William Peacock so busy strutting around the barnyard that he cannot look into the FACTS before he writes up this jibberish? Oh well, each to their own, guess all is fair and equally protected now thanks to the Corrupt Blogger Crystal Cox, oh unless of course William Peacock KNOWS he is posting false information than he would have "Actual Malice" right? Hmmm

Ahh I am just flippin' Mr. Peacock some SHIT, other then the implication that I am a Corrupt Blogger, this is some pretty good stuff overall. And I do like how Corrupt Ones turns into "allegedly corrupt". :)

"Bloggers, Even Corrupt Ones, Get Same Protections as Journalists"

""As the Supreme Court has accurately warned, a First Amendment distinction between the institutional press and other speakers is unworkable."

That's the money quote from Judge Andrew Hurwitz's opinion for the Ninth Circuit panel, which held that bloggers enjoy the same free speech protections as traditional journalists, and under Gertz v. Welch, cannot be liable for defamation absent proof of negligence regarding the truth of the allegedly defamatory material.

That's true even if, as the court explicitly noted, the blogger "apparently has a history of making similar allegations and seeking payoff in exchange for retraction."

Crystal Cox: Voice for the Voiceless, or Corrupt Blogger and SEO Wizard

What takes Crystal Cox's case from interesting to fascinating is the blogger herself.

Cox will argue that she fights corruption online via her various blogs, and that she is only guilty of unearthing and publicizing the truth about the plaintiffs, Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance Group."

YOU betcha Crystal Cox is Exposing Corruption, nearly a decade now and still going. William Peacock may not have what it takes to actually dig up the truth, nor have any desire to do so. Oh well Believe what you must, the TRUTH remains to Be the TRUTH regardless of what One Believes. ~ Crystal Cox

"In fact, here's Crystal Cox in her own words:

New York Times article, cited by the Ninth Circuit, would beg to differ.

TheTimes' David Carr weaves a tale of a corrupt woman, with major SEO skills and hundreds of domains at her disposal, who launches character assassinations online.
In this case, she seized upon the bankruptcy of Summit Accommodators, an intermediary company in Bend, Oregon, that holds cash during property transactions. The company folded, executives were indicted, and Padrick was appointed as trustee.

Cox claims that Padrick and Obsidian were involved in bribery, tax fraud, money laundering, payoffs, theft, and more.
Carr, as well as Padrick and his attorney, claim that Cox offered to back off in exchange for payment."

Yeah COX did make an OFFER, as the RECORD shows OVER AND OVER, after COX was SUED for 10 Million Dollar and acting as her own attorney to STOP a LAWSUIT. Maybe back to law school would be a good idea for Weaselly, Whiny William Peacock.

Oh and don't forget to include all 5 eMails from that Settlement Communication instead of the ONE out of context that David Carr used to weave his scorcery. Oh and remember to include the over a dozen offers that Obsidian Finance Group made for Cox to pay them for her every First Amendment Protected word and to LIE to the courts about those inside the Summit Bankruptcy. ` Crystal Cox

"Bloggers Are Journalists Too
Who would've thought it? 
The allegedly corrupt blogger actually had a better grasp of the law than the judge, at least somewhat. As indicated, the Ninth Circuit joined a number of its sister circuits in holding that Gertz's requirement of negligence in defamation claims applies to nontraditional bloggers, as well as the institutional media.
Then again, after reviewing the blog post at issue, as well as, we can see how the judge was mistaken as to the merits of Cox's claims of being a journalist.
And though Cox represented herself initially, and had the better legal argument, by the time she reached the Ninth Circuit, she had even more capable representation, UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh, standing next to her.
"In this day and age, with so much important stuff produced by people who are not professionals, it's harder than ever to decide who is a member of the institutional press," Volokh told Reuters. He knows all about blogging, by the way: 
The Volokh Conspiracy is a legend in the blawgosphere.
Source of William Peacock's Article, Quote Above

And yes David Carr does weave a TALE of CORRUPTION. And a darn tootin' good one too. Some may even call it "DEFAMATION", or Slander.

And YES this is a flat out defamatory LIE. And yes David Carr and the New York Times is protected to lie about whoever they want and this CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of law, whether it is TRUE or Not. Oh and David Carr HAD actual malice as he interviewed Crystal Cox and he knew where to find the FACTS. David Carr of the New York Times decided he would "paint Crystal Cox in false light" as to make ALL whistle blowers, anti-corruption bloggers and citizen blogger the collateral damage of his KNOWINGLY posting false and defamatory statement to a third party regarding Crystal Cox.

Crystal Cox sued David Carr and For Now David Carr and 

the New York Times is CLEARLY above the Law.
Here is Legal Action Crystal Cox filed naming David Carr and the New York Times

No worries, David Carr and the New York TIMES are protected to flat out lie about whom ever they want to and they are above the Law and have NO Liability.
Crystal Cox RICO Filing naming  David Carr and the New York Times and More

Check out Crystal Cox's Ninth Circuit Motion to FIGHT Back against Journalists such as David Carr who paint bloggers that expose corruption out to be the ones who are indeed corrupt. Smoke and Mirrors.

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