Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bloggers To Receive Same Freedom Of Speech Protection As Journalists, Court Rules; Oh and Kevin Underhill States " there is NO QUESTION, that "Crystal Cox is a Real Creep"

This videos shows the importance of this case. And well Yes I have set a precedent for guys like Kevin Underhill to say "Crystal Cox is a Real Creep", when the TRUTH is that Crystal Cox EXPOSES Creeps and Corruption.

 Kevin Underhill says there is NO QUESTION, that "Crystal Cox is a Real Creep". 

Yet Kevin Underhill has no clue what the TRUTH is and must simply believe what "Big Media" has said to paint Crystal Cox out as a "Creep". Oh, well the First Amendment now protects FLAT Out WRONG Information such as "Crystal Cox is a Real Creep", and for that we are all thankful..

These Guys are lacking in information, can't fault them for that.

I Fought for this Protection, against ALL Odds. 

Crystal Cox Statement

Also Check out where Forbes CLAIMS Crystal Cox was under investigation by the Oregon Attorney General.