Friday, January 24, 2014

"Judge Marco Hernandez clarifies that Bloggers can Be Journalist, just not that one Pesky Blogger Crystal Cox exposing the biggest law firms, utilities companies, finance companies and politicians in his jurisdiction of Portland Oregon."

"Do you really believe that laws that protect traditional journalists and reporters DO NOT protect a blogger who has been writing about a bankruptcy for 3 years, interviewed insiders, listened to hearings, read documents for years, read motions and court transcripts, watched videos of insider emails, read internal emails from the Dept. Of Justice and much more for over 3 years, is NOT protected by the laws that protect traditional journalists and reporters, nor is she protected as a citizen of the United States by the U.S. Constitution all because a Judge says she has no ethics or standards, and had "malice", meaning Judge Hernandez claimed that Cox simply reported on the Summit Bankruptcy all those years, hours a day for 3 years, her time, her money and all to one day 3 years later, Extort the attorney she was Exposing AFTER he sued her for 10 million dollars? Really? You folks are really buying this?  How in the world is this possible?"


"Why would the constitution, the First Amendment not apply to Cox simply because one judge did not like her standards or ethics. And Judge Hernandez implied that Cox had committed a crime, the crime of extortion, yet Cox had been on trial in a CIVIL Case and there transcripts and court filed documents where Cox asks Judge Hernandez for help in the matter of Tonkon Torp Attorney David Aman accusing her of extortion, and Cox is clearly ignored. Then Judge Hernandez, in a denial of a New Trial, implies that Cox is guilty of the crime of extortion.

Crystal L. Cox had no criminal charges filed and was not under investigation for extortion, extortion was no part of the Obsidian v. Cox CIVIL Trial, yet Judge Hernandez with the help of Forbes and the New York Times simply make the life, assets, business and quality of life of Anti-Corruption Blogger Crystal Cox and her co-workers, friends, ex's, and family the collateral damage of their protection of Portland Oregon Corruption and their war on bloggers to STOP them from having equal rights as traditional journalists.

Judge Marco Hernandez violated the rights of due process of Crystal Cox by using a court opinion, a ruling that quickly went to public media, in order to convict Cox of a crime of which she was never charged with nor under investigation for, nor was there a criminal investigation of.

The Reputation Management Services was in FACT offered AFTER Cox was sued for 10 million dollars, as a remedy to STOP a long and costly court case. Yet with a part of one email and no facts in the matter, Judge Hernandez as well as Forbes and the New York times simply defamed, ruined the life of Cox in order to protect corruption and to PROTECT the monopoly of Free Speech that Big Media has."