Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Cox, is covered as a journalist for her information gained in writing the article ...."

"Remember when Crystal Cox made the blogosphere news about having to pay an unusually large monetary amount for writing an article about a corporation’s employee?

Apparently the corporation had sued her for defamation. And the court agreed with the corporation despite Ms. Cox assertion that the requests to reveal her sources violated her first amendment rights as well as her right to keep her sources confidential. Now a federal court has overturned that decision remanding it back to be tried in court again with her having those rights in place. The monetary amount awarded to the corporation will probably be modified at that time.

For those who aren’t aware of this I am copying a link to a post that I had written back in December of 2011 entitled A Discussion Revisited- Are Bloggers Like Journalists and Should You As A Blogger Worry About Defamation Charges Being Filed Against You? Link:"

"Cox, is covered as a journalist for her information gained in writing the article meaning that she is not penalized or required to relinquish her sources that she used to help write the article, that the person written about or entity was for purposes of this article a public figure and therefore the person or entity being written about must show negligence on the part of the author of the article."


Note: Forbes LIED about me, Blogger Crystal Cox

Here is a Permanent Record of my Lawsuit Attempting to GET JUSTICE.

Cox v. Hill Docket

Cox v. Hill Complaint