Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Discussion on Citizen Journalists and the Crystal Cox Case.

"Citizen journalists and bloggers share the same rights as established journalists, according to the Ninth Circuit Court. The ruling came as a result of a defamation suit brought in Oregon against blogger Crystal Cox by the Obsidian Finance Group after she alleged they were guilty of fraud and other crimes. The court has ruled that she has the same first amendment protections as major media outlets, and the court ruled unanimously with three judges siding on Cox’ behalf. We discuss the legal guidelines for journalists being applied to citizens in this Buzzsaw news clip with Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace. Watch the full episode here:…"

However NOTE that Cox did NOT have a Bad Background and in FACT is an Anti-Corruption Blogger who attorneys and Judges painted as to have had been a "bad person".

This "Blogger" did NOT have a Bad Background. The attorneys in the Case created this illusion in mass defamation, it is NOT True.

Yes the Court was used to Push an Agenda. Dig Deep into what that Agenda was?

Law School Question Regarding Obsidian v. Cox

The Question was "In what state did the reporter's privilege law applies to a blogger ( in the case Obsidian Finance Group, LLC v. Cox)?"  There answer was OREGON

However, ponder this deeply folks. You are a blogger, in say Montana. You publish a blog post while living in Colorado. A corporation that is incorporated in the State of Washington and Oregon, sues you and they claim Oregon Law as jurisdiction over you.

You are a blogger whose reach is the entire world. Obsidian v. Cox as a case precedence is used all over the world. Read a case out of New Zealand recently. So I would say that there needs to be a national and international shield law, retraction law and to bring laws regarding media, into the New Media Revolution.